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Specialized school for managers of pharmaceutical companies
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(Русский) ТОП-9 преимуществ digital-маркетинга при продвижении медицинских препаратов


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KPI for the work of Regional manager of the pharmaceutical market


In recent times in the job description for the position of ” Regional Manager ” you can see that wages made ​​on a ” bid + KPI”. What is actually KPI and whether it helps to work, or vice versa – discourages employee? KPI in translation from […]

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Immaterial motivation for middle managers. What does it mean?


Middle managers occupy even more important niche in a company, than you might of imagine. Pretty often, they’re perceived as no more than a simple subordinates for senior management team leaders and those who do not take significant decisions for their own subordinates. Nevertheless, by appearing a […]

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Regional Manager: complexity of people management with no experience.


Interview with Tetiana Snizhko, Director of Human Resources at Sanofi in Ukraine and Belarus. Regional manager of the pharmaceutical company – responsible managerial position.  What qualities should have the regional manager, what difficulties he faced in his early career? This is what we asked Tetiana Snezhko, HR […]

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School of Product Manager – Investment in the future


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Career Ambitions: Employee’s Initiative & Company’s Role

Елена Александрова (3)

Our interview with Elena Alexandrova, HR Director at KRKA Ukraine. Perhaps no surprise that lack of career prospects is a problem for ambitious highly qualified professionals. The choice in favor of another candidate – no matter be he/she an insider or outsider – can seriously affect the […]

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Концепция ROMI: недостатки

target ROI

До сих пор мы говорили в основном о сильных сторонах концепции ROMI. Что ж, пора добавить ложку дегтя. В адрес ROMI звучит достаточно критики и нельзя не согласиться, что данный метод обладает определенными недостатками. Впрочем, практика показывает, что с ними можно и нужно бороться, а также, что […]

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Концепция ROMI


Sorry, this entry is only available in Українська and Русский.

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