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Specific knowledge and skills in a short period
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Specific knowledge and skills in a short period

School has been working since 2007. By program of the School product manager trained employees of 125th pharmaceutical companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, Pfizer, Novartis, Abbott, Sandoz, Teva, Nycomed, Ferring-Russian, Russian-Polisan, Santo-Kz, Olainpharm-Latvia and many others) from 10 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan).
Tasks of the School

  • Quickly and efficiently prepare product manager for professional work, saving time and resources for training of staff
  • Helping young professionals to quickly learn the specific knowledge and skills needed for effective product manager of a pharmaceutical company

The target audience of the School of product manager:

  • Product Manager (newly appointed or with little experience)
  • Brand managers, junior product manager (Junior PM)
  • Medical representatives (potential managers)

Tutors of School:
Professionals with years of successful experience in the pharmaceutical business, professionals – practice!
5 teachers and experts pharma market, works with students during the course.
The learning outcomes

  • Gain systematic understanding of marketing
  • Learn effective tools for planning and implementation marketing strategies of pharmaceutical products
  • They know how to analyze the data of research companies and other market information
  • They know how to identify target markets, segments and calculate their potential
  • They know how to conduct competitive analysis, to identify the differentiating benefits of drugs
  • They know how to correctly conduct SWOT-analysis and propose a reasonable strategy
  • Know the types of marketing research, how and why they spend
  • Know the specifics of promotion of prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • They know how to plan a budget, know the basics of pricing of drugs

Advantages of School of Product Manager

  • Obtaining the necessary professional knowledge and skills in a short period
  • Education directly from several pharmaceutical market professionals
  • The practical value of the training program
  • Acquisition of useful business contacts
  • Compatible with the work schedule of training, including for foreign participants
  • Saving company’s own resources for employee training

The training program