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Specialized school for managers of pharmaceutical companies
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Alyona Lischenko


Manager at Sanofi-Aventis

About the program: “I liked that the program content and format of the School are close to the real conditions of work of Product Manager: a lot practical tasks and limited time for their decision.
About the teachers: “Teachers – high-class experts! In our competitive life hardly find anyone who would like to share things that are not written in the books, but are very useful in practice, and in within the School teachers are open for students ”
This project is simply necessary! It has a great future!

Veronica Dubitskaya


Marketing Director Olainfarm, Latvia

“Marketing tools and their applicability to promote drugs completely, sequentially and clearly set out in the basic program. I think extremely positive and useful presence distance part of the course. The experience of teachers who worked in the different pharmaceutical companies is very interesting.”

Aynur Suyundukova


Product Manager Abbott Laboratories, Kazakhstan

“Excellent training materials, resources and tools. I believe that the basic course of the School is not only useful for beginners Product Manager, but also for more experienced managers. Almost all of us in the past – medical representatives, and marketing have no one taught us all have learned from experience and specific questions and issues is at everyone. The course School Product Manager organizes knowledge and provides new tools for practical application. “

Irina Pryanishnikova


Brand Manager GlaxoSmithKline, Ukraine

“You have created a large, important project, useful for beginners product managers and anyone who wishes to become a product manager. Very structured presentation of information with practical situations and bright comparisons. I would like to come to you another other programs “

Diana Filimonova


product manager of outsourcing company

“Training in the School of product manager would compare with the folding puzzles. At the beginning of learning knowledge of marketing chaotic, uncoordinated individual pieces, which are very much and not see where to start and what you should have in the end. Gradually stands out a fragment, from which there is the construction of a whole picture, and outcome – a finished product – a system of marketing. Consistently, step by step, with examples, effectively! “

Galina Vivchar


Product Manager Sperko, Ukraine

“I work as a product manager of the company not so long. I heard about the School Product Manager from the 1st day of work, our Head of Marketing Department studied sometime in your school and all of our product managers have learned from this program and I constantly hear from them: “We can not trust you a lot, but when you pass the course School … or “that’s when you will pass training in the School of product manager, you will understand what we are talking …”. Now I know what instruments they were talking about! After the first block training, I revised the marketing plans that wrote and made ​​a number of fixes and improvements. Very useful course, a lot of practice! “

Vasilchuk Alla


Manager at Johnson & Johnson, Ukraine

“It turns out I did not know a lot and do not use in your work! Knowledge that has been fragmentary, now systematized, all had settled down “on the shelves.” I learned a lot of new and useful information, I will necessarily apply in practice the marketing tools.
Really liked the organization of the School, taken into account all of our needs! “