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KPI for the work of Regional manager of the pharmaceutical market


In recent times in the job description for the position of ” Regional Manager ” you can see that wages made ​​on a ” bid + KPI”. What is actually KPI and whether it helps to work, or vice versa – discourages employee? KPI in translation from English. – A system of performance indicators , in essence represents a certain set of indicators , which the company expects to achieve by achieving certain goals. Simply put , that such targets for most companies , including the pharmaceutical market, are to increase profitability or market value of the business . Given the fact that the lion’s share of Ukrainian market companies make representations western corporations for them as typical orientation towards intangible goals , such as improving corporate culture and discipline.

Depending on the objectives set by the management of a pharmaceutical company , the work of the regional manager can be evaluated using different sets of indicators. At the end of the reporting period (usually a year or semester ) regional manager receives remuneration for achieving targets. As practice shows, often for a regional manager in the field of pharmaceuticals such indicators is: the achievement of a minimum level of sales of medications ( in quantitative and monetary terms ) , increasing market share , expanding customer base (including medical staff and loyalty , and the number of retail outlets – pharmacies with which the pharmaceutical company ), the state inventory , turnover rate ( medpredstviteley ) and others. The most important point in the wage system for KPI system is setting achievable indicators that may be measured in numbers. At the same time , measure the impact of the regional manager for the overall objective must be tangible – the only way he will truly motivated to achieve the goal .

Summarizing we can say that Western trends in human resource management can be implemented in domestic and business processes , but take into account all the peculiarities of our market , as well as the working conditions of each individual regional manager .

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