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Financial evaluation of marketing investments.
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Financial evaluation of marketing investments

We invite you to take part in the training course “Financial evaluation of marketing investments”  November 11-22, 2024!

About the program:

  • This training course on strategic marketing, is focused on the senior product manager in charge of the group / line of products, marketing managers and heads of departments of pharmaceutical companies
  • The aim of the course – the formation of strategic thinking by acquiring new knowledge and modeling of various strategic marketing decisions
  • Training schedule includes classroom courses and distance learning.

As part of the course:
• Investment in the promotion pharmaceutical products (short-term and long-term investments). The analysis of practical situations.
• Tools for assessing the attractiveness of the market segment. Assessment tools brand competition in the market. The analysis of practical situations.
• Marketing strategies of original brands and branded generics
• Strategies Portfolio Management, rulers drugs. Possible ways to improve the effectiveness of the brand at any stage of the life cycle
• Selection of the molecule, the definition of a new drug strategies in the portfolio
• Tools for analysis and planning of the potential role of the product in the portfolio. Features of the application in the pharmaceutical market. Real life examples: Launch invested not enough, a second breath of old brands, etc.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing investments