K(OL)&стратегічна взаємодія
The knowledge and skills of regional management in a short time
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The knowledge and skills of regional management in a short time!

Tasks of the School of Regional Managers

  • Quickly and efficiently prepare regional managers for professional work, saving time and resources for training of staff
  • Helping young professionals to quickly learn the specific knowledge and skills required for effective regional manager of a pharmaceutical company

For anyone to create a school district managers:

  • Regional managers
  • Field Force Managers
  • KAM
  • Medical representatives (potential regional managers)
  • Brand managers (directly managed care representatives)

Teachers Schools:
Exceptionally practice professionals with years of successful experience executives of pharmaceutical companies (GM).
Learning Outcomes

  • Gain systematic understanding of management
  • Learn effective tools for managing a team
  • They know how to analyze your region (sales, competitors, physicians, pharmacies)
  • They know how to set goals for their medical representatives
  • They know how to properly analyze and plan for the controlled area
  • They know how to control the execution of the plan