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Specialized school for managers of pharmaceutical companies
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For a successful career in the pharmaceutical business – as well as in domestic and in foreign companies need to know English.

logo-ebpAll new, actual information on medical issues, marketing and management in the Internet appears first in English. Later, often with a significant time lag, you can read translations of topical medical articles, new publications of leading publications, but not all.
For professional growth and career in the major pharmaceutical companies just need fluent English. Strategically important to the ability to communicate fluently with native speakers (of foreign leaders, lecturers and doctors at medical conferences abroad).

If you do not have the opportunity to study with native English speaker in the office, you can select your training on Skype at any time, regardless of business trip and improve their level of English with the best practices, ie – with native speakers.

If you see yourself in the future in the top – management of pharmaceutical companies learn English today!

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